Welcome to Halloween Fun-by-Day at Spooky World near Warrington, Cheshire where Halloween-themed thrills abound bringing great Halloween fun for kids.

The event is a light-hearted spooky experience that is suitable for younger children aged from 4 to 11, although there's lots of enjoyment to be found for the whole family if you look for it at Fun-by-Day at Spooky World.

Visitors can wander the grounds enjoying all the attractions the farm has to offer whilst meeting Halloween characters. Please note that although there are costumed characters, there are NO horror actors present during the Fun-by-Day Halloween events so as not to frighten younger children. Visitors are encouraged to wear costume for the event but adults are asked not to wear face masks.

Kids at Halloween cartoon drawing

There is fun to be had in our undercover areas should the weather not be too good. The entrance fee covers all activities other than the coin-operated Quad Karts and Mini-Digger.

If you are looking for Halloween fun in the Warrington area take a look at the information on this site and also on our social media pages to see if we will meet your expectations.  We hope you will not be disappointed!

Opens only on the dates showing on this site.

Wear your wellies when it's wet!

The Maize Maze is NOT open during Fun-by-Day!

Drop Slides at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Inflatable Drop Slides

Dare to drop down our inflatable drop slides!

We also have inflatable play areas undercover that can be played on in both good and bad weather.

Witches Halloween Hat
Kids' Archery at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Kids' Archery

Try your skill with a bow and arrow at our Hay Bale Archery.

Halloween Spiders Web
Corn Cannon at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Corn Cannon

Practice your target skills on our Corn Cannon.

Scary Halloween Pumpkin
Hay Bale Mountain at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Hay Bale Hill

Climb over the Hay Bale Hill (it used to be a mountain but had to be reduced in height due to health and safety considerations)

Spooky Halloween Ghost
Ball Blaster at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Ball Blaster

Blast the light plastic balls at a target (or person!) of your choice.

Spooky Halloween Ghost
Massive Jumping Pillow at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Massive Jumping Pillow

Jump for joy on our Massive Jumping Pillow.

Spooky Halloween Cat
Spooky Trailer Ride at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Spooky Trailer Ride

Take a tour riding on our Spooky Tractor Trailer.

You never know who might jump on board!

Spooky Ghost at Halloween
Mini-digger at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day


Who knows what you might dig up on our (coin-operated) mini-digger.

Spooky Halloween Bats
Roller Skating Rink at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Roller Skating Rink

Skate one way around our roller skating rink.

Little Death at Halloween
The Eliminator at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

The Eliminator

Will you reign supreme on The Eliminator?

Little-Frankie at Halloween
Quad Karts at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Quad Karts

Double up with the young ones on the Quad Karts, or just take a solo drive.

Little Devil at Halloween
Racing Zip-Lines at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Racing Zip-Lines

Race down the Zip-Lines and make sure you hang on at the end of the ride!

Little Witch at Halloween
Tip-Topper Ball Dropper at Spooky World Halloween Fun-by-Day

Tip-Topper Ball Dropper

Tip the topper then top up the tipper!

Little-Frankie at Halloween

During the fun-by-day event

Haunted House and CarnEvil will be open to visitors


so as not to frighten the kiddies!

Fast Food Grill, Ice Cream, and Gift Shop

We serve hot and cold food and drinks from our grill, and ice creams at Jack's Ice Cream shop. You can also pay a visit to our gift shop. Click on the image for additional useful information and also view our FAQs page.

In the middle of farmland

Spooky World is situated on a working farm, however please note it is NOT a petting zoo, or a children's farm. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the site, except for officially registered help dogs. Click on the image to read our FAQs page.

Massive Free Car Park

We have a massive car park available at Spooky World. And… it’s totally free to park all day! Click the plus sign for more information ....


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